Where the rubber meets the road.

One of the most important operational and safety concerns for vehicle performance are the tires. Often overlooked are the maintenance and the condition of tires that effect the performance and handling of your vehicle. Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair offers full service and new tire replacement. We offer all major brands as well as economically priced tires. We are just as competitive as the large tire stores with styles specifically suited for your make, model of your vehicle, the intended use, and your budget, if necessary.


Maintaining a good set of tires and or getting new ones has its benefits.

New tire purchase and services

Driving Safety
Increased Performance
Better Gas Mileage
Improved Traction
A Better Driving Experience


Removal and Disposal of Old Tires
Mounting new tires
High Speed Balancing
Vehicle Suspension Alignment
Mileage Warranty
Tire Rotation (when necessary)