What the hay is DRY ROT, anyway?

We had a customer come into the Royal Palm Beach location to use one of her 4 oil changes in the package we sell. It’s actually a really great deal if you are ever interested. You have to get an oil change 4 times a year and why not have it be a $14.99 each with a discount on any other repairs?

She asked us to look over her car for anything else that might be going on. Well, she had dry rot on her tires. We told her at some point soon we will need to look into tires for her because of dry rot. What the heck is dry rot, anyway?, she said.

Well, my fellow Florida folks, this is for you. Dry rot happens from extreme heat like we have in Royal Palm Beach and Wellington, especially in the summer months. What happens to rubber is that it becomes less pliable with extreme conditions. It’s not just tread that is wearing down, it’s the quality of the rubber starts to change. It will have hairline cracks in it and not be as black in certain spots as it once was. A few spots is normal and not a danger, but many and on more than one tire can be.

If you have tread left on the tire, it doesn’t mean you can’t have dry rot. This most likely means the car isn’t driven much or is in the sun day after day, or both. So there can be tread, but the rubber is deteriorating. The car is safe to drive short distances like 30 – 50 miles but not for longer drives or the highway. It can buy you about 3-4 weeks to start looking for tire deals.

We can get you in and out today! Our technicians will let you know if its a danger or if you can hold off.

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