Why is my A/C not as cold?

What is wrong with my cars air conditioner?

Do you notice that your car’s air conditioning system is not what it once was? It’s pretty noticeable when you live in South Florida! It’s pretty common and not just in warm weather conditions. We want to let you know how and why this happens. Some of it is preventable or maybe even an easy fix and something we can get quickly resolved for you.

  1. Leaks: This is the number one problem. We even have special on the diagnostic package for leaks! If you have never taken your car for a coolant flush or had it refilled and it’s been 30,000 miles plus – you need a flush! And bad! Ask our store managers about our ½ lb. of UV Dye and Refrigerant.
  2. Makes noise it didn’t before: It becomes noticeably noisier than it was when your AC is turned on. To you it may just sound like noise you have gotten used to but for us it sounds like problems with the compressor. If you hear it, be sure to bring it in to our Royal Palm Beach or Wellington location for a quick and easy inspection.
  3. Temperature changes: It starts out really cold and then just cool or maybe it never gets that cold. There could be a bad thermostat or a constraint somewhere in the structure. Easily diagnosed by our latest technologies.
  4. Bad battery: Did you know a bad battery can cause your auto air conditioner work out of sorts or not even at all? It might have enough juice to drive the rest of the car, but not enough for less important things like the A/C
  5. Dirty Evaporators: Musky or mildews’ smells happen when bacteria buildup in the evaporator. Our ASE-trained mechanics have the appropriate tools to sanitize yours the same day and get you back on the road smelling fresh.

We are always here for you at Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair. We know that car trouble can be a drag and that you need your car to get home, to work or school. It’s an important part of your day. We are happy to help. Come see us, we are happy to help.

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