Stay tuned for a long lasting drive.

Keeping your vehicle running optimally gives you the best performance and ensures many years of reliable driving. At Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair service centers we perform routine maintenance at the scheduled intervals for over 40  vehicle manufacturers which includes 100’s of models. We will check your car’s belts, hoses, fluids, electrical systems, exhaust, brakes, tires, suspension, all are important for safe and reliable driving.


The coolest part of your vehicle is its A/C.

It’s not a secret that living in South Florida your vehicle’s air conditioning and its operation are almost as vital as the other systems needed for your vehicle to function. At Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair our ASE Certified A/C systems technicians can expertly service or repair all A/C systems both for modern vehicles and vintage classics. From a simple freon recharge to a completely new A/C system Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair can handle all sizes of A/C service and repairs.



Digital world on wheels

Since the advent of the microchip, modern automobiles have become electronically very complex and sophisticated.  Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair services and repairs a myriad of electronic computer components that operate various vehicle systems. Our latest digital diagnostic equipment can troubleshoot the hardest to find electronic computer module faults, getting your vehicle functioning properly again.


Where the rubber meets the road.

One of the most important operational and safety concerns for vehicle performance are the tires. Often overlooked are the maintenance and the condition of tires that effect the performance and handling of your vehicle. Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair offers full service and new tire replacement We offer all major brands as well as economically priced tires. We are just as competitive as the large tire stores with styles specifically suited for your make, model of your vehicle, the intended use, and your budget, if necessary.



We take the suspense out of front-end alignment!

Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair will service and repair all suspension components and operational systems to assure that your vehicle is functioning just as it came off of the assembly line. Any loss of the suspension’s operation could be dangerous causing extensive damage to your vehicle and more importantly be fatal to you, your passengers or others.

Our ASE Certified technicians are trained to inspect and service today’s modern complex suspensions as well as vintage, classic car, simple suspension systems.



We pull out all the stops.

One of the most important operational systems in your vehicle are your brakes. At Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair our ASE Certified brake technicians use only the best equipment parts and fluids specifically designed for use in your new model Range Rover or your classic 1958 Corvette.


In life there are no guarantees, except our warranty.

When it comes to warranties, Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair proudly provides the best protection for your vehicle’s repair or service investment. Not only do you get to enjoy Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair’s 5-Star customer experience having your vehicle repaired or serviced at one of our three Palm Beach County locations but you get the peace-of-mind that we stand firmly behind what we do, in writing.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic emergency, free pick-up and delivery of your vehicle is available. All vehicles that are repaired or serviced at Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair are washed and sanitized as well.

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