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Well it’s that time of year again where we make ourselves promise insane things in 2015. Like that we are NEVER eating any processed sugar again. We are going to stop watching all reality shows. Gym every single day – BEAST MODE! We are cutting out ALL UNNECESSARY EXPENSES! By February even the most diligent person is going to go nuts with this all or nothing mentality.

  1. Yes Sugar Is An Evil Food That Makes You Feel Dopamine Like Never Before, I Know You Love It.

But drink more water. Don’t tell yourself no sugar and you are never going to eat a piece of cheesecake again because its going to make you crazy. Eat the cheesecake but do NOT drink the soda. Eating sugar is more satisfying than drinking it in sugary drinks. So let’s take a baby step, more water.

  1. Remember That Just Moving When You Can Is Exercise!

Rethink exercise. Many of us make sweeping goals to join and go to a gym every day in the new year or becoming a CrossFit Olympian is too much too soon. The smartest thing you can do is focus on simply moving your body more. That’s it! Things like walking for an hour while on a business call instead of sitting at your desk, cleaning the house for a couple hours instead of paying someone else to do it, or heading to yoga with a girlfriend instead of sitting at coffee really add up. It’s much more simple than we realize and you don’t need a daunting, painful workout plan in order to reap the benefits and burn calories. You’re also much more likely to stay active and keep moving when you’re enjoying yourself versus killing yourself with crazy-hard workouts.

  1. You Are Never Buying Yourself Anything Again But Food And Gas.

You’re going to use your smart phone all the time, might as well get a free app that saves you money in store with pretty much everything! Coupon Sherpa brings for you latest coupons for products ranging from food to games, gadgets to grocery, electronic items to clothing, it shares it all! If you are lucky you may even find coupons for online sites. I have has serious luck with this app at stores like Target, JC Penney and Publix.

  1. It’s the Year You Don’t Plan To Drive Anywhere Unless You Have To Because Fixing Your Car Is Astronomical.

You have to get an oil change anyway four times a year why not make it super affordable. Plus, with your social media accounts you are on every day you can save 10% on all repairs. That’s about $400 in savings a year for a standard car like a Honda or Toyota. Might as well come to Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair and take advantage of our discounts and oil change package. It’s $14.99 per standard oil change and we can save you on any other repairs or maintenance jobs you may need.

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