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Engine Tune Ups at Bill Tyson's Auto Repair

What is a tune up? What is conducted in tune up services have changed significantly in the past twenty years. On some vehicles a tune up is not needed. At least until 100,000 miles. Many people have expressed to me a bit of confusion on the subject. Most peoples questions are, when does my vehicle need a tune up, what is involved in it, and how much does it cost. Advertising pitches by many auto repair facilities who are vying for your business with a low price sometimes cause more confusion on the part of the consumer. There are basically two types of tune ups. The first type is a minor tune. Most vehicles are due a minor tune up at 30,000 miles and at 90,000 miles. A minor tune up is just that, minor. It involves replacing spark plugs, and making key adjustments such as engine timing. A minor tune up is a preventative service, making sure that your vehicle is taken care of before there is a problem. The second type of tune up is a major tune. Most vehicles are due major tune ups at 60,000 miles and at 120,000 miles. A major tune up consists of the same procedures as a minor tune up, plus, replace the distributor cap, rotor, and spark plug wires. The one thing that I recommend to people is that when a tune up service is performed, make sure that you technician uses quality parts. I recommend using factory plugs. GM’s work best with AC Delco plugs, Ford’s work best with Motocraft plugs, etc. Its not a value if your vehicle doesn’t run well, after the service.

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