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Test your battery & replace it

If your vehicle is having electrical issues, the battery might be the culprit.  If you wait to get it fixed, you might be stuck with a vehicle that won’t start.  It’s usually at a very bad time, too, like: late at night in a poorly lit parking lot, right before a big job interview, or after a long, hot day with no A/C.  These situations can be very unpleasant, but are also avoidable.

Many issues indicate a failing battery, and they are usually pretty obvious.  You may see weak or dim lights on the dashboard or the radio.  You may also notice that your vehicle’s starter seems slow and sluggish.  Your vehicle could even have a dashboard warning that indicates a problem.

Of course, the biggest battery-killer is age.  Batteries can usually last a few years, but it’s only a matter of time until they start to die.  If you haven’t had your battery replaced in a long time, or if your battery is past its warranty, you may want to have it replaced and save yourself the trouble of letting it die on you.

Battery Testing

We’ll Test your Battery for you and replace it safely.