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Brakes giving you a fit? Here’s a tip.

It usually happens slowly, over a period of time. At first, you start to feel your brake pedal just doesn’t seem its old self. Then you hear a little noise when you come to a stop. That’s when you know its time for a brake job. It happens to all vehicles sooner or later. The average, depending on how you drive, is about 35,000 miles on front brake pads and about 55,000 miles on rear brake shoes. This article is a little information so that you have an idea of what you need to know to get your vehicles brakes back to original working order. After all, braking is the most important thing that your vehicle can do. You should have your brakes inspected, often, by a trained professional every time you have your tires rotated. We recommend that you rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. That way you can avoid the costly mistake of wearing your pads or shoes past the wear indicators and damaging the rotors or drums. Inspections should include checking the brake lines, wheel cylinders, and master cylinder for leaks, checking the brake pads and shoes for wear, and checking the brake fluid level. (TIP: never add brake fluid to your master cylinder. If its low, there is a reason, and the system should be looked at by a technician.) If your vehicle needs a brake service be sure that the proper pads or shoes are installed, and that they are a quality product. When it comes to brake pads or shoes, you get what you pay for. There a lot of different compositions to brake pads, (organic, semi-metallic, and metallic) Make sure that you get what your vehicle manufacturer recommends.

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Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

Call Bill Tyson’s Auto Repair if your brakes are squeaking, stops are rough, you have to pump the brakes to stop, you are leaking brake fluid, you need to step really hard to stop or if your brakes are making a grinding sound.

We will get you back to factory specifications in no time along with an extended warranty of 12,000 miles extra.